Pet Home Inspiration: SS Print Shop Dog Lover Prints

I have been a fan of Stephanie Sterjovski’s Print Shop (also known as the SS Print Shop) for quite sometime. Stephanie’s prints and her instagram provide lots of style inspiration. Β Which is why I am so excited to tell you about her newest collection of Dog Mom inspired prints!

Lit Saturday πŸ”₯ #LucyJolly #JackRussell #HappySaturday

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Recently, Stephanie added a new addition to her family….her Jack Russell Terrier, Lucy! Lucy is no doubt the inspiration for Stephanie’s newest SS Print Shop Collection.


I bet you can guess which print I have my eyes on!

If you order through Tuesday, August 15th, with the code MUSTLOVEDOGS, you will receive 25% off of your purchase!

What do you think? Don’t you just love these prints?

Photo Credit: All Photos are from SS Print Shop

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