Rachel’s Top 5 Favorite Toys for Rooney!

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new dog or cat, is that first trip to the pet store to get everything you need!

However, if you haven’t been to the pet store recently, you may notice you have a whole lot to choose from. Not only are you inundated with products, but you probably had a hard time deciding what store to go to in the first place! There are so many locations and operations to choose from, Petco, Petsmart, Pet Food Express, PetEdge (online), and other boutique stores in your area.

If you are like me and you want to support your local pet store, but you don’t have a lot of extra cash, you can buy treats and goodies there. For example, my favorite pet boutique store is called Murphy’s Paw in downtown Pleasanton, CA (http://www.murphyspaw.com/store.html). Murphy’s Paw offers lots of really cool things for your home and your pet. Although it is a privately owned store, many of their items are very competitively priced. That being said, sometimes I can only spend a few dollars so I go there to get Rooney special treats!I bought a raw hide bone there not too long ago for Rooney’s birthday, and of course he loved it!

My favorite toys come from a variety of different vendors, but I always try to make sure I support my local community.

1) KONG-The idea is to put some treats in there so your pet spends a few minutes working for their treat.Some images on the internet show this thing stuffed to the brim with treats. I would not recommend that. What I do, is give Rooney 2 or 3 treats as I leave the house, and he works to get those out, while I sneak out the door. This helps with separation anxiety. Not the severe cases, of course, but definitely helps them get over your initial departure.

2) Zanies Slide and Seek Interactive Dog Puzzle. This one, I found on www.petedge.com.  The awesome part about this is that they have to work really hard for their treats. It is not only mentally stimulating, but it also comes with a reward.

3) Regular old Rope Toy. Although this is an obvious classic. They tend to be durable and last a substantial amount of time for their cost.

4) Chuck-it Max Glow Rubber Ball. This ball allows you to play fetch with your dog even during the fall and winter when the daylight hours are limited. I have seen people at the dog park charge up this ball with a flashlight. I think its pretty cool, and it makes for fun video and photos! http://www.petco.com/product/107820/Chuckit-Max-Glow-Rubber-Ball.aspx

5) Jack Medium. This toy is cool because it has a lot going on. With Rooney, I make sure to REALLY keep an eye on him when the toy is easily destructible. I like this one because its not obvious how to destroy it, so it last a little longer. http://www.ryanspet.com/jack-medium-pz-PM09336.html

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