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thCAZD6S3V revo_xlargeI am often asked, what type of flea prevention do you recommend? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. You get what you pay for. Although the “name brand” flea preventions are generally more expensive, they will get rid of fleas AND their eggs (which hide in your carpet) better than the less expensive “knockoff” brands. My favorite types of flea prevention are those that are coupled with heartworm prevention; Trifexis and Revolution. There are many others that are have both flea prevention and heartworm prevention, but I am most familiar with these two brands.

Whats the difference?

Trifexis is given orally, which works really well for people who have pets that like to swim, and can’t keep them dry long enough for a liquid flea protection to absorb. Revolution is better for people who have a hard time giving pills their pets because its applied topically between the shoulder blades. Revolution is also a very popular product for cats because they are even harder to give pills to, although Trifexis and Comfortis (Comfortis=Trifexis-Heartworm Prevention) are growing in popularity.

What about Frontline?

In my experience, Frontline proved to be a very good product for a long time, but in recent years, my friends (vets and vet techs of course) and I noticed that pets on Frontline would come in with fleas. Frontline however, is still very effective against ticks. There is often a way to combine Frontline with another flea prevention, but you will want to consult your veternarian before trying that recipe.

One thing you never want to do is give your pet a flea preventative for the first time, and leave the house. Just like any other type of medicated product, pets can have a reaction to the flea prevention. So its always a good idea to give them their monthly dose, and spend the next few hours with them. I’ll never forget the time a cat came in hypervenilating after his flea prevention application. The owner was smart, and immediately dumped the cat in water (to wash off the medication), but she was certainly freaked out when she brought her cat in for labored breathing. We were able to treat the cat with out any problems, but it was a good thing she didn’t leave the house after applying the meds.

Additionally, its always wise to purchase your flea preventative medications from the vet’s office. When you purchase medications from non-vet websites you simply don’t know where they are coming from. Often times, they do not come from the manufactuer of the product straight to your house, there are several middle men involved, which means the product may not work, or worse could put your pet in danger.  Be sure to ask your veterinarian if they have affordable options to purchase flea prevention, such as price matching or their own online pharmacy.

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