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I work right next to this lovely pet boutique on Brannan street in San Francisco, called Pawtrero. I finally went inside to check it out… and what an amazing pet store. The owner was very very nice, and he told me all about his store cat named Mukeko, seen here.  Mukeko is a 5 month old rescue. He was brought into the shelter as a feral kitty, but he was so calm and collected that the store owners thought he would do great as an in-store kitty. Obviously, they were correct, because Mukeko stayed in this very position the whole 20 minutes I was looking around in the store, as well as the length of his photo shoot. This store also has another location, off of Mississippi Street in San Francisco, where Mukeko’s brother, Kush, rules the roost.  Kush was adopted as a 6 year old cat who spent 18 months in a shelter before being rescued by this amazing family. 

Stay tuned for more information on their Halloween party that is so cool, it shuts down Brannan Street. 

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  1. […] I even got a chance to meet their super cute rescue cat name Mukeko. […]

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