Adopt A Dog Month: Dogs in Need

October is Adopt a Dog Month, and if for whatever reason, you are not sure your should bring a dog into your life, here are a few reasons why you and many other people should adopt a dog:

1) They make great foot warmers


2) They make great exercise partners


3) You never have to sweep the kitchen floor


4) You will always know when someone is at your door.


5) They make great babysitters


6) Most importantly, you never have to be alone.


If that worked, and you are now convinced, please take a look at these adoptable dogs who need a new home:

A good friend of mine reached out to me to help get these dogs a new home. They have been waiting to find their forever home for a while, they were rescued from a high kill area in Stockton, Ca and are in need. Their current foster parents are unable to continue to care for them. Please contact me if you can help these babies, and if you cannot, please spread the word, their future parents are out there waiting.



Sadie’s Story (courtesy of

“Sadie has come such a long way since she was rescued, and despite the patchy fur that is a permanent effect of her neglected puppyhood, she’s now a fantastic only pet.She used to be afraid of men but now comes and puts her head in her foster dad’s lap to snuggle up. She even took a liking to a new man, giving him kisses within just a few minutes of meeting. The stability and routine of foster care have been very good for Sadie, and she watches for her foster mom to come home from work at the end of the day, and when “mom” arrives, she grabs a toy in her mouth and does the wigglebutt dance around the house!

Sadie’s desire to snooze at your feet while you work and her tendency to sit by the door to let you know she needs to go out both foretell a future as a mellow, loving pet. She would do best with a work-at-home person, a stay-at-home parent with older kids, or someone retired. Sadie’s been learning how to play and swim, and she’s coming out of her shell and showing that she’s a fun and funny girl!

If you are an experienced dog person whose last dog has passed and who is now ready for another, please consider adopting Sadie. She’s afraid of other dogs and so would do best as an only pet or with someone who will slowly and carefully train her to be around another dog. She will be forever grateful for a quiet home and stable routine. Sadie is a dream dog. Are you the special, one-in-a-million person who can make Sadie’s dreams come true? If you are, she’ll return the favor with more love than you can even imagine.”



Sebastian’s Story (courtesy of

“Sebastian is friendly and outgoing with people. He enjoys hiking, hanging around the house and yard, riding in the car, just regular doggy things. He appears not to have been socialized with other dogs as a puppy, and at five years old and 75 pounds, if he is to get along with other dogs he will need a very experienced and dedicated person to train him. He’s happy-go-lucky, confident, smart, and very strong. Sebastian needs an experienced adopter and would prefer someone who likes outdoor fun as much as he does!

Sebastian was rescued in November 2012 from the super high-kill Stockton, CA pound. He has been waiting for a forever home a long time. He is a wonderful dog who makes a friend of everyone he meets, but because he belongs to an individual, he hasn’t gotten out to adoption events and hasn’t been able to meet potential adopters. Central California Pets Alive is not a 501(c)3 but a grassroots shelter reform effort that also helps people place animals they have found or rescued. The application, screening, and adoption process follows best practices employed by rescues, but these animals are at a disadvantage in not having the capacity of a formal organization to promote them. So if you’re seeing this, please consider Sebastian. If he’s a good fit for you and your home, I’d love to hear from you!”



Mia’s Story (courtesy of

“Mia’s a friendly young dog who is very ready to bond with her family. She has shown that she is good with kids. She loves to play chase and fetch, will follow her people around, and is very affectionate. Mia has the ball drive of a sporting dog. She will chase, bring the ball back and drop it at your feet, and wait in happy anticipation for you to throw it again. When I threw the ball through a tunnel, she went after it with no hesitation at all. I think Mia would make a fantastic dog for agility, frisbee (disc dog), or another doggy sport. With training, she might be a great service or working dog.

Mia has had a whole lot of bad luck in her life. She was rescued from the side of a busy highway, and when taken to a vet it turned out she had eaten rat poison. She pulled through and is now healthy, spayed, and very ready for a home and family. Mia has been in boarding since she was rescued and really needs a chance to settle in to a home. Foster-to-adopt inquiries are welcome.

Mia is 1-2 years old, 55 pounds, moderate energy and loves to play. She’s smart and ready to learn and would love an active family!”

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