Where Pets Are Found


Where Pets Are Found is an awesome website that uses the power of  the internet, and social media, to serve many different purposes for the animal world.

1) Help Lost Pets Find Their Home: Since there are no limits to the reach of the internet, or social media, Where Pets Are Found provides a platform for owners to create a listing for their lost pets. Each listing is then posted to the Where Pets Are Found main website, Facebook, and Twitter page. For those who are unfamiliar with Twitter, each “tweet”, or in this case listing, can be “re-tweeted” to members of another community. For example, I follow Where Pets Are Found on Twitter, and I re-tweet many of their listings, which will reach all of my followers, ect., ect. The method of social media truly allows an owner to expand their network in order to get their pet home safely.

2) Help Found Pets Return Home: It isn’t unusual for a lost dog, or cat, to show up in a neighborhood, and it can be difficult (without a microchip) to find the pets proper home. Where Pets Are Found allows you to list any pets that you find online in order to get them home as soon as possible. Again, they use the power of social media to further the reach of each listing.

3) Adoptions: Where Pets Are Found also serves as a directory for pets in need of new forever homes! Once again, the best part about this website is that the listings post to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, furthering their reach.

Where Pets Are Found is a great resource for any pet owner. Please remember, the more people know about this website, the more pets will make it home to their owners, so please spread the word!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wherepetsarefound

Twitter: @petsarefound

Instagram: @petsarefound

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