What is it like to have a Corgi?

Recent reports have surfaced that Corgis are becoming less common, especially in the UK. According to AFP the beloved Queen’s breed has been placed on the British Kennel Club’s watch list, and may soon be classified as a “vulnerable native breed”.

To a corgi owner, this news is devastating.

I can’t imagine a world where I can’t look next to me and see this….

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But I have to say, we have spent the last 2 years explaining to many people what kind of dog we have. The Corgi is not the breed that stands out to people as, “the ones with the short legs and long backs”, when I say that, people say, “the wiener dog?”. This is referring of course to the Dachshund, or more popularly called the “wiener dog”.  So then I say to people, “No, no,…you know, the queen’s dog?”, and that’s usually when people make the connection.

The moral of this story is that Corgis are not very popular: people who have them, love them. Corgi owners will often have a multi-Corgi home as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that this beloved breed is diminishing.

So today I want to share what it is like to have a Corgi.

The first thing I share with people is that Corgis have a TON of personality. I have literally burst out laughing at something I just saw Rooney do. For example, he once jumped on my bed while I was doing laundry and became stuck in a pile of hangers. He tried and tried to break himself free, and ultimately looked at me with a pathetic, yet effective, expression. As a Corgi owner, you will never run out of stories to share with other people, that’s for sure.

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Now, although Corgis are diminishing in popularity, they can make their owners quite popular. While taking Rooney for a walk we receive many different reactions from the public, like…

“Where are the rest of his legs?”

“What kinda dog is that?”

“Ahhh, a Corgi!”

“That’s not a dog, its a fox!” (said a little girl to her sister once)

“Check out those ears!”

You spend quite a bit of your time either explaining the breed to people, or letting them spend time with your Corgi, because they love Corgis.

In my personal experience, the Corgi energy level varies by individual. At the dog park many people ask me if all Corgis have the type of energy Rooney does. Mind you, Rooney is literally sprinting laps around the dog park almost every time someone says this (see video below). The truth is, many Corgis are incredibly lazy, and the breed can go either way. When Corgis become “exercise averse” you risk them becoming fat. There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want your pet to become fat, but with a Corgi, there is one BIG reason you want to keep them thin…their back. When Corgi’s run, or jump down from sofas, they are at risk of slipping a disc in their back. This risk increases as their waistline does, the less in-shape and more disproportionate your Corgi is, the more at risk they are of needing back surgery.

The next thing we tell people is that Corgis make a lot of noise. This doesn’t necessarily mean they bark a lot, they just make a ton of noise. For example,


The last thing I would like to share, is that Corgis are a sturdy breed, that is apartment appropriate. Rooney only weighs 27 pounds, yet I can take him on hikes and he can play with any size dog. I am an active person, so for me its important that I can take him anywhere.

To find out more breed facts, please visit the AKC website.


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    November 18, 2013 at 4:57 am

    I think your dog is absolutely adorable and I can see from the photos he has a charming personality.

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      November 21, 2013 at 5:52 pm

      Thank you so much!

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