Help! My indoor cat keeps escaping!

Hello everyone! I was chatting recently with my good friend Lindsay, and we quickly got on the subject of her cat Rhea. She was telling me that her cat, Rhea, constantly tries to escape out of their apartment, and sometimes she succeeds. Lindsay and her husband feel its important to keep Rhea indoor in order to protect her in their high traffic area, but her urge to escape is becoming an issue especially when they are on their way to work. So I decided to invite my resident guest blogger and trainer, Suzanne Dean to write up a post about this very issue. Suzanne, take it away… Hi everyone, Suzanne The Dog Training Lady is back and The Dog Training Lady has gone to the cats. My main focus may be dog training, but I also have 4 cats.  They too are the love of my life.  Most cat owners know that indoor cats live a much longer life because they are not exposed to all the dangers and diseases as their outdoor counterparts.  Your cat doesn’t understand that you are protecting him, or her, by keeping them inside; all they want is to explore and chase things.  Do you have … Continue reading Help! My indoor cat keeps escaping!