Leash Walking: How to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling

As you all know, I work with my friend Suzanne Dean, The Dog Training Lady, to bring my readers behavior and training posts. This month, we thought a great topic would be Leash Walking. So many dog owners want to take nice blissful walks with their dogs, but instead end up being dragged down the street. Today Suzanne will share with us some of her suggestions for having more pleasant walks with your pup. Loose Leash Walking – It’s time to take control! As a dog trainer this is a question I get a lot.  How to I get my dog to not pull me down the road, when we’re on a walk? First of all you need to be the one in control, I know easier said then done. This control needs starts at the front door. Is this your typical scenario?  You pick up the leash and you dog’s energy level just went from a 0 to a 10 in lest than one second.  Your apprehension is up, because your thinking is my shoulder going to remain in the socket on this walk.  He’s jumping and running, all excited because he knows what that leash means to him.  … Continue reading Leash Walking: How to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling