Can You Clicker Train Your Cat?

Hello Everyone! As you know, once a month I invite my favorite trainer, Suzy The Dog Training Lady, to guest blog on pet behavior and training. Here is her fabulous post on how to train your cat using Clicker Training. Clicker Training for your CAT – yes your Cat. Hi everyone, Suzanne your favorite dog trainer here to work on some fun cat training. Yes you read that right Cat Training.  I learned this technique through dog training and when I found out how well it can work for cats too, I just had to share it. Cats are very intelligent creatures and you can really take this training to a whole new level.  Right now I would just like to get you started and comfortable with the process.  If you are interested in learning more, let Rachel know and I will be happy to do additional cat training posts. Cats aren’t the lazy animals we think they are.  They enjoy play, mental stimulation, and they have a natural prey instinct.  When you have an indoor cat and they don’t have enough play time and stimulation they are likely to start digging up your plants, clawing up your furniture, or … Continue reading Can You Clicker Train Your Cat?