How to Prepare Your Pets for Back to School

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Today Suzy, The Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer is sharing with us some tips on How to Prepare Your Pets for Back to School. Enjoy! Well it’s that time of year again.  After a long playful summer with the kids and the dog, it’s now time for the schedules to change.  Early to bed for the kids, back to carpooling for parents, then homework, afterschool activities, and the potential for a dog developing some unwanted behavioral issues.  In September, as your children head back to school, did you think about the fact that your dog also has to adjust to the modifications in the household like everybody else?  This modification in regimen can trigger your canine to suffer from separation stress, and anxiety, or depression, to really miss your children, and even follow them to school.  Be sure to pay attention to your animals when it’s time for the children to head back to school.  They get use to their human buddies investing so much time with them; it can be a shock when your pet has to return to spending more time alone.  In severe cases, animals can struggle with separation stress and … Continue reading How to Prepare Your Pets for Back to School