Introducing Your Cat to a New Family Member – A Dog

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! Introducing your cat to a new family member can be challenging. Today Suzy, The Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer is sharing with us some tips on How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Dog. Enjoy! Many dogs and felines get along just fine. Canines which are gentle, and friendly, and aren’t squirrel-chasing predatory types, can be excellent companions with cats. When you choose a new dog, you must take into consideration the breed, and the general behaviors of that breed. You need to be more cautious of a breed that has behaviors of chasing small animals as prey. Some dog breeds have been brought up for just these purposes. It is possible to teach a dog not to chase the family cat, or hurt indoor cats once they get used to the cat as being part of the family. You should carefully prep, as well as, manage your new canine; you must have little difficulty integrating him right into your household if he’s lived quietly with a pet cat prior, or if your cat has actually lived with a dog previously. However keep in mind that felines as well as dogs, like folks, require … Continue reading Introducing Your Cat to a New Family Member – A Dog