How To Handle Holiday Travels With Cats

Hi Everyone! Holidays can be a lot of fun, but can also include LOTS of travel. Today Suzy, The Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer, is sharing with us some tips on How To Handle Holiday Travels With Cats. Enjoy! Cats are creatures of habit, and generally do not like to be moved around; whether that is in a bumpy car ride or the turbulence of an airplane. Cats and travel don’t **usually mix. Unless you have traveled daily with your cat since kitten-hood there’s going to be some issues. **Usually – now I say that knowing full well there is an exception to the rule all the time. I live in Florida and have living proof that cats will travel in RV’s from one end of this country to the other – if this is you – I truly applaud you. You have four choices of what you can do with your cat or cats while you’re away.  Leaving your cat(s) at home Leaving your cat(s) with a friend or relative Take your cat(s) with you to a pet friendly hotel Board your cat at the vet or a boarding facility (notice I put this one last) Lets go through … Continue reading How To Handle Holiday Travels With Cats