BISSELL Pet Foundation: Making Strides to Bring Pets Home


Every animal in the shelter wants to find their forever home. Many of us don’t need to be reminded of that fact.

Well, the BISSELL Pet Foundation wants to work to eradicate pet homelessness by working with shelters and the people in the community to cover the initial costs of adopting a pet.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation worked with the Kent County Animal Shelter in November and December 2014 to find “Every Pet a Home for the Holidays”. With the help from the Bissell Pet Foundation, the county shelter was able to set a record by completing 118 adoptions in the month of November.

How does the BISSELL Pet Foundation help?

The BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsored 100% of the costs associated with the medical care, spays, neuters, and microchips. On average this was about $40 per kitten, $5 per cat, and $130 per dog.

This is amazingly generous of the BISSELL Pet Foundation. As many people know, when a shelter doesn’t have to pay the medical costs associated with preparing pets for adoption, they are able to afford to take in more pets, which ultimately saves lives.

When I got the chance to interview the Pet Programs Coordinator Holly, I asked her how the BISSELL Pet Foundation was able to avoid people adopting pets because they were so low cost.

This was a concern of mine because there is always the possibility that someone is adopting a pet at low cost only because they are low cost. This can distort their idea of the financial responsibilities of being a pet owner.

Holly responded with exactly what I was hoping to hear.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation was aware of the risks associated with adopting pets at low or no cost, and so they took that into consideration with their program.

The adoptions are not on the spot. Each family has to go through an adoption process which includes a home check and counseling. The counseling provides each family with a chance to ask questions and become familiar with future costs of owning a pet; such as, dentals, vaccines, grooming, and potential medical conditions.

Additionally, each family is only able to adopt 1 pet, in order to avoid people getting pets for free to ultimately resell them.

Families are encouraged to donate supplies to the shelter during their adoption process as well. Many families bring in food for the animals, blankets, and sometimes provided financial donations.

Why Kent County Animal Shelter?

The Kent County Animal Shelter is close to the Bissell Foundation Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so it gave The BISSELL Pet Foundation a chance to monitor the progress of the program very closely, and allowed them the opportunity to work with their local community.

When I had the chance to speak with Holly before the holidays, The BISSELL Pet Foundation was looking to help another shelter in the Detroit or Chicago area. She made it clear that the ultimate goal of the program is to, “Help Until Every Pet has a Home”.

How Can You Help the Bissell Pet Foundation Help Other Shelters?

1. Follow them on Facebook!

2. Facilitate the partnership between your local shelter and the Bissell Pet Foundation. Shelters have the opportunity to apply for grants to receive funding for their life saving efforts.

3. Additionally, you can donate to help further their cause and efforts. Those who donate receive access to exclusive sales and donation prizes.

4. Buy Bissell Pet products! Every pet product that Bissell sells, contributes the funding that the foundation uses to support shelters.

What are the Bissell Pet Foundation Goals?

They want to back over 1,000 shelters through support, grants and emergency funds.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation is amazing, so let’s tell everyone!

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    fredrieka SweetPaws
    January 27, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    I have been putting off getting a cordless vac. Bissel puts one out.. I have 3 adopted dogs I need one. Well tomorrow I will be purchasing a Bissel I have always loved their product. THis cinched it.

  2. Reply
    Cathy Armato
    January 27, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    That is so fantastic! Support like this really helps shelters make many more adoptions. It may seem like an adoption fee shouldn’t be much of a factor in adopting but for many people it is. You were so right to be concerned about people adopting simply because the animals are free. The fact that they were able to provide counseling & do a home check is fantastic! So many shelters don’t have the resources to do so. Great post!
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