Cats & the Cradle: Keys to Making Your Baby & Cat Safe

Hi Everyone! Today Suzy,┬áThe Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer, is sharing with us some tips on How to Keep Your Baby and Cat Safe when introducing a new cat or baby to your home. Enjoy! Whether you are bringing home a cat to your new baby, or you are bringing a new cat to your home that has a baby, here are some keys, and tips to keep your baby and cat safe. Which would you choose your baby or your cat? Not really a hard choice to make, any parent would choose their child over anything. Sacrifice is after all, a requirement of parenthood. However, what if there is a possibility of having both, babies and cats? For a pet lover, this would be heavenly. Fortunately, this kind of heaven is possible here on earth. Just read the following and you will realize you can have your cat while taking care of your baby safely. Mixing baby, and cat doubles the responsibility coupled with some risks. You don’t only need to take care of the baby you have to take care of your cat too, to keep everything balanced. Either you are bringing the baby in, or … Continue reading Cats & the Cradle: Keys to Making Your Baby & Cat Safe