To Bark or Not to Bark – That is the Question

Hi Everyone! Today Suzy, The Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer, is sharing with us some tips on How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark when it isn’t necessary. Enjoy! Being a doggie parent, we experience a sense of protection when our dogs bark. Our dogs bark when there is a person on your property or there is a knock at the door, or they are giving you some sort of warning. When is it okay for them to bark or not to bark? The problem starts when the barking doesn’t stop, or your dog is barking at everything, from the person riding their bike, to the mailperson, and even the occasion passer-by. So how do we get our pooches to stop the incessant barking? There is not a simple answer to reduce excessive barking. First, we need to determine is WHY our dog is barking. There can be a variety of reasons that a dog will bark, and sometimes the cause is a behavioral issue. They don’t bark just to tick off you or your neighbors, that’s a vengeful trait, and one that humans possess not dogs. Dog don’t plan revenge, so we can cross that off the list … Continue reading To Bark or Not to Bark – That is the Question