Cat Scratching Fever – Is Your Cat Shredding Your Stuff?

Hi Everyone! Today Suzy, The Dog Training Lady, our resident pet trainer, is sharing with us some tips on How to Keep Your Cat from Shedding Your Stuff. Enjoy! How much money do you spend replacing items your cat shredded? If you have a cat, you know that they will scratch stuff up. Some cats will do this more than others. When trying to correct any behavior in pets, it is best to start with understanding the why. Why do cat scratch? I’ll give you three good reasons: Maintaining the health of their nails. Cats have another sheath, or shell on their nails. In order to remove this, they scratch. This is just like when you cut your nails down, and file them, that’s what they are doing. You may have even seen these nail remnants on the floor. This helps to keep their nails sharp, remove the dead part of the nail, and to catch prey. Even if they have no need to catch their own food, this is something that is part of their nature. Cats scratch to exercise, it helps them work out their shoulder and back muscle. You may have seen this when they stretch and they are … Continue reading Cat Scratching Fever – Is Your Cat Shredding Your Stuff?