Adopt A Cat Month: The Bravest Cat I Ever Met


I remember it as a regular day at the veterinary hospital. We arrived around 8 am as we always did and began to prepare the hospital for the day. We only had 1 surgery on the calendar and not a lot of appointments, unusually slow for us.

However, anyone who has worked in a vet hospital knows, the trajectory of your day can change in a second. By 8:20 we would have seen 3 emergency appointments, and hospitalized all 3 patients.

One of those patients stood out to me.

Her name was Cali.

She was an indoor/outdoor Calico cat who had walked into her kitchen earlier that morning with her face covered in blood. Her owners were clearly panicked and, therefore, brought her to our hospital first thing that morning.

When we brought her out of her carrier, we immediately made sure she wasn’t in critical condition.Her face was very bloody, but she was able to breath. Her heart rate was elevated but expected.

Unfortunately, her owners had no idea what happened. As soon as we determined she was stable, we began our investigation.

Most of the blood seemed to be around her face, so we assumed that she had some significant injuries there, so we took an x-ray. Sure enough, she had a broken jaw.

We then needed to determine that she didn’t have any other broken bones, so we took a full body x-ray. We also took bloodwork to make sure her kidney and liver values were good so that we could begin providing her with treatments as soon as possible.

Based on the results of the tests, we ultimately determined that she was hit by a car….in the face.

That’s right, this brave cat took a car to the face and then waltzed into her owner’s kitchen afterward.

For me, this was a reminder of how brave and stoic cats can be, I was truly impressed by her capacity to keep moving forward.

We started her treatment plan beginning with pain management. The doctor also put together a long-term pain management strategy for the family.

Although Cali was lucky to have so few injuries, her sustaining injuries were going to take some time to heal. Her parents paid us several visits over the next few months; they were so worried about their poor girl.

However, after a few months, with some pain management and patience, she made a full recovery.

The timing for the story is opportune because June is Adopt A Cat Month, and maybe your home could use a little more bravery :).

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