Long Line Distance Recall Training

Today, Suzy is going to share with us some tips for working on recall training. This is something I have been working on with Rooney. I feel that it is an important training tool for all dog parents, and I wanted Suzy to share some expert advice on the subject. Therefore, I want to thank Suzy, our resident trainer, for putting together this blog post. Enjoy! Training your dog to a long line recall takes time, so be patient.  You, and your dog need to understand the mechanics of working with a long line. You may be wondering why we use a long line to teach recall training:  The long line is an excellent proofing tool for testing your dog’s proficiency for a distance come and still doing it safely, because they are tethered to a leash. Start small and work your way up (Remember that if your dog does not have a clear understanding of the come cue.  This is not the place to start).   Your dog should already have a full command of the basic come cue first, only then should you move on to this long line recall. A long line can be anywhere from 10 … Continue reading Long Line Distance Recall Training