3 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe This Halloween!

I love Halloween! To be perfectly honest with you, I love holidays in general! But Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday behind Christmas! (57 days and counting!) While Halloween can be tons of fun for pets, kids, and the whole family, it can also be dangerous, especially for dogs. Halloween means an excess amount of chocolate in the home, uncomfortable costumes, and extra noises in the neighborhood (we even heard fireworks last year!). While chocolate toxicity isn’t new for most pet parents, Trupanion, Rooney’s pet insurance company, sees a 71% increase in chocolate toxicity during Halloween! As a result of this kind of data, I thought it would be great to share with you some tips from Petcurean’s Dr. Jennifer Adolphe for keeping your dog safe this Halloween.

Other Potential Halloween Threats

Unfortunately, Halloween threats don’t start and stop with chocolate and xylitol. There are a few other items that can pose a threat to your pet on Halloween. Dr. Nold from Trupanion recommends making sure that your pet’s costume fits appropriately and is comfortable. For me, I select costumes that don’t fit over Rooney’s head because he doesn’t want to have anything holding his ears down. In addition to costumes, make sure that your decor isn’t something that your dog may decide to try to eat, like light strands for example. Lastly, make sure that your pet’s identification is up to date since you will be repeatedly opening your front door.

Now that we have talked about all the dangers and threats, let’s focus on the fun! What is your dog’s costume this year? What is your costume this year? Are you going to any parties? Dog Parties? I would love to hear about your Halloween plans!

Disclaimer: I have a long-term partnership with Petcurean and Trupanion, I may financially benefit from the occasional distribution of content. However, My Kid Has Paws doesn’t share information unless we feel it will be helpful to our readers.

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