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Should You Adopt a Corgi? Adopt A Shelter Pet Month with Petcurean

As many of you know, my husband and I adopted Rooney almost 6 years ago from a Northern California Corgi rescue, and he has brought SO MUCH joy to our lives every day since then. Today, in honor of Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, I would like to discuss if you are ready to adopt a Corgi.

Recently, we had a chance to attend CorgiCon, which is a very large gathering of Corgis in the community at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, which is a Corgi specific rescue in California, had an owner surrender at the event. This post from QBSDR really resonated with me because lately I have been thinking about the recent popularity of Corgis and the number of people who are likely ill-prepared to have a Corgi. You might be thinking, “Rachel, why are you telling people they are ill-prepared, if you are trying to get people to adopt Corgis?”. Great question! It’s because those people who have purchased a Corgi and are ill-prepared, might give them up for health reasons (see below), and those Corgis are going to need AMAZING forever homes. Forever homes require a certain amount of preparedness and research. So, let’s outline the things you need to consider before adopting a Corgi.

Happy #FindAFriendFriday everyone. This isn’t going to be your usual, happy-go-lucky Friday post…prepare to have some information dropped on you. This little baby is Cheddar Bay Biscuit, a 15wk old Pembroke. He came to us last week, given up for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts. Before y’all start getting all puppy drunk, exclaiming “I want to adopt him!”, he’s not available for adoption yet – he still needs to finish his vaccinations, get microchipped, neutered, and be seen by an ophthalmologist. I know, he’s cute, he’s so young, and everyone wants a puppy. Now take a moment and ask yourself: 1. Why was he given up? 2. Would you be prepared to take on the reason he was given up? 3. Where did he come from? 4. Was he responsibly and ethically bred? 5. Did his breeder test for Degenerative Myelpathy (DM), von Willebrand disease (vWB), eye disorders, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cardiac issues? Have they had cases of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)? 6. Did the sire (dad) and dam (mom) have their OFA certificates, indicating a clear screening and evaluation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals? 7. Does he come from a lineage of sound temperament and structure? 8. Did the breeder microchip him? 9. Why do any of these questions even matter? I just want a corgi puppy! Y’all know, we will ALWAYS advocate for adoption first, but we also respect that corgis are purebred dogs that exist because of breeders. That being said, if you’re going to get a dog from a breeder, KNOW WHERE THEY COME FROM. With the rising popularity of corgis and the increasing desire for puppies, there are plenty of breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills, and non breeders who want to “have just one litter” or “keep just one puppy” and have the rest to sell, that are willing to meet the supply and demand. Let’s not forget the puppy slingers/flippers/brokers out there. Never heard of them? Well you’re about to. 1. Why was he given up? A: Cheddar was given up because “they already had two dogs and couldn’t keep a third one.” That’s the reason the flippers gave. The real reason: they never intended on a third dog, especially one that might go blind.

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Herding Breeds & Behavior

I am putting this as the number one thing you should consider because adopting a herding breed is not the same as adopting a non-herding breed. (I think I just heard a bunch of dog parents nod their heads in agreement!).

While Rooney is outgoing and wonderful, he also needs a lot of exercise, training, and mental stimulation. I love every quirk in Rooney’s personality (it reminds me of mine), but not everyone finds him as charming as I do.

Should You Adopt a Corgi? Adopt A Shelter Pet Month with Petcurean

Herding breeds are meant to work. If you don’t give them the mental stimulation and exercise they need, they might end up taking it out on your furniture, or your shoes, or other expensive items in your home.

However, if you are looking for a sturdy dog to keep you company on your hikes and other outdoor activities, then a Corgi might be the right dog for you. Additionally, if you don’t mind seeking out training classes, you may have found your breed.


Don’t believe me? Here is what the AKC has to say:


  • Personality: Smart and alert, affectionate but not pushy, bold but kindly.
  • Energy Level: Very Active; A strong and athletic little dog, the Pembroke loves physical activity and is happiest when he has a job to do.
  • Trainability: Responds Well
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary


  • Personality: Loyal, affectionate, and smart; even-tempered, never shy
  • Energy Level: Very Active; Athletic, rugged herders with a love for the outdoors, Cardigans thrive on mental and physical activity
  • Trainability: Responds Well
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary

Genetic Diseases and Common Injuries

Unfortunately, Corgis are prone to a certain number of aliments mostly having to do with their back. I was highly aware of the risks and costs associated with a slipped disc and subsequent back surgery when we adopted Rooney, therefore, I purchased pet insurance.

Rooney slipped a disc in his back in 2014, and fortunately, he didn’t need surgery and only had to spend one night in the emergency room. However, it is likely we haven’t seen the end of Rooney’s back injuries. While we do everything we can to keep him lean and healthy, we know that another slipped disc is a possibility. If you are considering adopting a Corgi, I HIGHLY recommend pet insurance. If you have any specific pet insurance questions, I am happy to answer and share my experience, feel free to email me at


While the AKC didn’t explicitly state any diseases associated with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, I can say from personal and professional experience that all Corgi parents should know what the symptoms of a back injury and degenerative myelopathy look like.


According to the AKC, here are some of the specific health concerns associated with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi:

  • Hip Dysplasia, a malformation of the hip joints that causes arthritis and pain
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), which causes blindness
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Lifestyle Alignment

This one is easy…

…can you deal with shedding?

If your answer is no, please consider adopting another breed.

Okay, okay…I’m sort of joking, but seriously, Corgis shed all the time.

If you are considering any breed, you definitely want to discuss things like shedding, drool, and how you want their tiny little legs to weave into the fabric of your life. Will they sleep on the couch? Will they be around kids? Do you have cats?

While the two sections above are more specific to the Corgi breeds, this section is really about finding the right individual dog for you and your lifestyle. Take your time and think about the things you are willing to compromise on, as well as the characteristics that mean the most to you. One of the best things about adopting a dog is that their personalities are already developed and the rescues and shelters usually have some insight into their behavior.

For example, when we adopted Rooney I had never had a dog who liked to swim. When I asked the rescue group they weren’t sure if he did like to swim or not, so I just had to wait until that summer to find out. I wish you all could have seen the look on my face when Rooney waded straight into the lake one summer and took off swimming, I was so happy! Now, Rooney goes swimming with me whenever I get the chance to swim in a dog-friendly pool, and we have had the opportunity to visit a few lakes and oceans for swims as well.


Family Preparedness

This is something I can’t stress enough. How ready is your family for a dog?

Has everyone in your family had a chance to voice their concerns and requests?

Having the whole family involved is definitely a key to success for helping a dog find their forever home with your family. If you aren’t sure if your family is ready, I highly recommend pet sitting and/or fostering a dog to see if your family members are ready for the responsibility and adjustments.

I would love to hear from other Corgi parents how your Corgi came into your life and if there is anything I forgot to include.

Petcurean would like to provide a Giveaway to celebrate Adopt A Shelter Pet Month! Tell us the story of your rescued or adopted pet in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: I am a Petcurean blogger. I was provided with food and compensation so that Rooney and I could provide our honest opinion. However, Petcurean is the food we feed Rooney every day. I am also a influencer. My Kid Has Paws only shares reviews we believe benefit our readers.

Photos of Rooney: Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography

Rooney’s 7th Birthday!

Yesterday was Rooney’s 7th Birthday!

I cannot believe that he is already 7! Yesterday, on his 7th Birthday, Rooney graduated from intermediate dog training! We were able to enjoy a mini celebration with the other puppies in his class before class started! (I couldn’t take more photos because I didn’t want to distract from the training class).

Rooney's Birthday

Birthday Celebration Essentials:

Disclaimer: I am a influencer, but I chose to order treats from Chewy for this event for 2 reasons. 1) I saved money, because you can often buy treats at a discounted price 2) I ordered them on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday, so I didn’t have to order too far in advance, but also didn’t have to go to the store. 

Road Trip Advice: Bacon is a Dog’s Best Friend

We just took our first road-trip with Rooney this past week (thanks to an amazing giveaway I won on and I know it brought us even closer together as a family.

You see, my husband and I both work full-time. While we have staggered schedules so that Rooney is home with one of us a lot, but it is rare for us to get a whole week together as a family. Every pet parent knows that those moments when you look over and you see everyone that is most important to you right there, spending quality time with you, you can’t help but feel grateful.

Not to mention, Rooney was the best travel companion we could ask for! He slept well in the hotel, he was quiet and calm in the car, and he also joined us for some outdoor activities!

Not only were we able to bond due to the quality time we spent together, but we were also able to bond with Rooney over Bacon. Yup, that’s right…bacon!

Don’t get me wrong, I think Rooney would have had a great time on our road trip regardless. However, I believe he had extra fun due to the Pup-peroni Bacon flavored treats we brought along with us on our trip. 

Not only did Rooney love the flavor of the Pup-peroni Bacon treats, but the chewy nature of these treats made them a perfect treat to put in his Kong, so that he was happy in his crate, which was KEY to our roadtrip.

If you take anything away from this blog post, here it is:

  1. Always make sure you have a plethora of treats with you on a road trip with your dog. You never know when you will need to distract them, get them to go to their crate or work on some training.
  2. Rooney loves bacon flavored treats.

As a matter of fact, Rooney loved the bacon flavored treats so much that I was only able to take a few pictures of him with the bag of Pup-peroni treats before he stuck his head in the bag.

Corgi with Pup-peroni Bacon Flavored Treats

Corgi with Pup-peroni Bacon Flavored Treats

I’m telling you, when we give Rooney bacon flavored treats, he looks at us like this:

Pet-Inspired Art for your home!

Tell me, what brings you and your dog closer together? What makes them look at you endearingly?

Disclaimer: We were provided with the Pup-peroni Bacon flavored treats as part of a campaign to promote their new product. However, as you can see, Rooney really does love them and your dog might love them too. 

5 Surprising Beach Dangers for Dogs

It’s almost the weekend and if you live in California you might be headed to the beach!

The beach is one of Rooney’s favorite places. Nothing makes him happier than digging in the sand and launching himself into the waves!

If your dog also loves the beach, before you get ready to leave your home, you might want to consider the following beach dangers for dogs.

As you might know, I have Trupanion pet insurance for Rooney and I often work with Trupanion to provide pet parents with important safety information. I want to thank their team for providing us with the awesome following information:


Most pet parents don’t realize that their pet can get sunburned. As a result, last summer I put together a blog post about the dangers of sunburn and how you can protect your dog from harmful rays.

Here is what Trupanion had to say:

You may not realize it, but even dogs can get sunburns. Their noses, bellies, and areas with particularly thinner fur are susceptible to the sun’s hot rays so it’s important to protect your pooch. Provide shade with a beach umbrella and consider dog-friendly sunscreen. (Sunscreen made for humans can make your pet sick if he tries to lick it off.) Also consider looking into doggy sun goggles to protect your pooch’s eyes from harmful rays.

Salt Water

Rooney has a tendency to swallow too much water whenever he swims. Therefore, when we take him to the beach, we have to limit his swimming to avoid letting him swallow the salt water. Trupanion had some unique insights regarding the dangers of salt water.

Here is what Trupanion had to say:

Your pup may be inclined to lap up the salty ocean water if he’s thirsty, but the salt, bacteria and parasites in the water can make them sick. Prevent your dog from drinking salt water by providing plenty of fresh water. It’s also important not to let the salt water dry on their fur since it can irritate their skin. Be sure to give your pup a good rinse off with fresh water when he’s done swimming.

Seaweed & Sea Creatures

Because we live in Northern California, we have to be very diligent about keeping Rooney away from the jellyfish. Unfortunately, beaches here can be covered in them! Whenever we visit a beach with a lot of jellyfish, I keep Rooney on a leash and bring his long 30ft leash in case we find places with fewer creatures & seaweed for him to play.

Here is what Trupanion had to say:

While exploring the beach you may come across washed up sea life and other items. Keep a close eye on your dog to prevent him from rolling in or eating anything that could make him sick. Some areas also have higher danger of sea creatures like jellyfish so be sure to keep a close watch on the surrounding waters to keep your pet safe.

Hot Sand

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I have most certainly burned my own feet on the sand. Paw pads are very sensitive and it can be easy to forget about warm surfaces when you have shoes on, so avoid hot days at the beach.

Here is what Trupanion had to say:

If the sand is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then it’s too hot for your pup’s paw pads. Save your beach trip for a cooler day or go in the early morning or late evening to avoid the heat.

Big Waves

Beaches in Northern California can have sneaker waves which come up and surprise people and their pets.

For this reason, when Rooney is swimming I keep a life jacket on him and lots of treats in my pockets so that he has really good recall. If the waves seem too big, I keep him on a leash and run in the water with him.

Here is what Trupanion had to say:

Your dog may be a strong swimmer, but large rolling waves can be very dangerous. You might choose to keep your dog on a leash so that he can’t go out too far, or purchase a dog life jacket in case he gets too tired swimming.

Trupanion Claims

In addition to providing us with this thorough list and ways to keep our pets safe, Trupanion also shared that the two most common beach-related claims are heatstroke and dehydration. Which have an average treatment cost of $2,100 and $580 respectively.

In addition to those common claims, Trupanion has paid claims for dogs who have ingested the following items:

  • Fish hooks
  • Frogs
  • Starfish
  • Jellyfish

Having Fun Anyway

Of course, this post was not meant to scare you out of taking your dog to the beach. However, if you are like me, you might be thinking to yourself…”No way! We can’t go, there are too many dangers”. Then you will calm down and remember how awesome the beach is and how much your dog loves it, and you will simply go to the beach prepared:

Beach Prep Checklist:

Towels: for obvious reasons

Doggie Shampoo: for rinsing off afterward

Leashes: one short, one long (just to be prepared for all scenarios)

Poop Bags: Probably one of the most important places to pick up after your dog

Water Bottle: Gulpy is my favorite travel dog water bottle

Sunscreen: Don’t forget to make sure it’s pet-friendly!

Life jacket: Especially if you have a Corgi (not known for their swimming skills)

Umbrella: Make sure your pet has space to rest in the shade

Treats: For recall

Dog Goggles: To protect your dog’s eyes from the sun

Everything You Need When Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Photography in this post: Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography

Disclaimer: Trupanion pet insurance provided me with this content to share, but I was not compensated for my opinions. My Kid Has Paws always shares information we feel is important to our readers.

Rooney’s Birthday Wishes!

Rooney is 6 years old today!

I can’t believe it! When my husband and I adopted him 4.5 years ago, we had no idea time would move so quickly!

In the past, we have had giveaways and parties, but this year we just have a few wishes for Rooney’s birthday:

1. That All Pets are Adopted

This past weekend was Clear the Shelters! Which is a nationwide effort to find as many forever homes as possible for pets still in the shelter. This year, more than 700 shelters participated and over 45,000 pets found homes!

While Clear the Shelters is an excellent and effective initiative, the shelters aren’t quite empty and it would be great if they were! On behalf of Rooney’s birthday, we hope that all pets find a forever home, and soon! 

Here are some of our favorite rescues & shelters in California:

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Valley Humane Society

Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue

Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue 

If you have an awesome shelter that you think people should check out, leave their name or link in the comments below.

2. That I (Rooney) Get All the Cake

Let’s be real. It’s Rooney’s birthday, so cake was definitely going to make the list!

Last year, we wrote a post for called 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s “Gotcha Day” or Birthday, which includes a link to a DIY Dog Birthday Cake Pinterest board in case you are looking for some recipes!

3. That All Lost Dogs Are Found

Lost dogs are an all too common problem, especially in the aftermath of the Fourth of July, which is why July is Pet Loss Prevention Month.

There are things you can do as a pet parent to make sure your pet makes it home if they are lost, like microchipping. Additionally, there are things you can do if you find a stray dog.

Therefore, our wish is that everyone takes all the necessary steps to protect their pets and shares any information they have about getting pets home with their friends and family!

Rooney's 6th Birthday - Photography by Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography

4. That I (Rooney) Continue to Get Daily Belly Rubs

Like most dogs, Rooney loves belly rubs, and I promise to not let a day go by without giving him some belly rubs.

5. That Each Dog Has a Plush Bed to Sleep On

No matter the kind, or shape, Rooney loves dog beds (and couches, and clean laundry, and human beds, but mostly dog beds)!

And he would love for every dog to have the best dog bed! Therefore, if you know a dog who needs a bed, like maybe one waiting for their forever home, don’t forget to donate your gently used dog beds to the rescues and shelters.

(Don’t tell Rooney, but we are getting him a new one for his birthday from Pridebites! and donating the existing ones to our local shelter)

What would your dog wish for on their birthday?

Awesome photography in this post provided by Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography