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10 Black Friday Deals for Dogs

I know there are a lot of Gift Guides out there already, so rather than putting together another one for humans, I thought we could put together a gift guide with sale information for items your dog might actually need. Let’s get Started!

For Adventures

While all dogs spend some amount of time outside, some dogs and humans are more outdoorsy than others. If you take your dog on adventures, here are some things on sale today that they might need.

PrideBites Raincoat: To keep your dog dry on those rainy day walks, you might want to equip yourself with a raincoat if you haven’t already. Deal: Black Friday Spend $50, Save $15 or spend $150, Save $50, 35% off Site Wide Code BF35– Friday Nov 24 (Black Friday) to Monday Nov 27 (Cyber Monday)

Kurgo Dog Lifejackets: Even though swimming season seems very far away right now. It doesn’t hurt to take advantage of sales while you can. This is definitely a purchase I will be making for Rooney since his lifejacket barely made it through the summer this year. Deal: Cyber Weekend- Take 30% off site wide with code CYBERWKND

Kurgo Step-N-Strobe Dog Shoes: We don’t typically hike on rough terrain with Rooney too much, so we don’t have experience with Kurgo Shoes, however, it is important to protect your dog’s feet if you do a lot of hiking, or for protecting their paws from frostbiteDeal: Cyber Weekend- Take 30% off site wide with code CYBERWKND

EarthRated Poop Bags: These are on sale on today, no code necessary (Get 270 bags for $11.99)!

Whistle GPS & Activity Tracker: I have had my eye on one of these for a very long time. I would love to know how much activity Rooney is getting while he is at daycare and use it to hold myself accountable for his activity goals. CODE: GIVETHANKS30 for $30 off a Whistle 3.

For Senior Dogs

Orvis Dog Beds: These dog beds are highly recommended among the senior dog community because of their memory foam design, which helps dogs who have arthritis. Some of their beds are up to 50% off today. No code necessary!

Dr.Buzby’s ToeGrips: These non-slip nail grips allow your senior or special needs dog to gain traction on slippery floors. You can receive 20% off by using code BARKWORTHY.

For Smarty Pants Dogs

CleverPet: We are really excited to share with you a new smart puzzle Rooney has been testing out recently. The CleverPet provides your dog with the mental stimulation they need throughout the day. While the CleverPet is a great purchase for most dogs, I think this is a particularly good purchase for dogs who are highly intelligent and looking for challenges. Their interactive puzzles advance automatically, to keep your dog challenged throughout the day. Additionally, you can stay connected via the app and keep track of your dog’s progress and play while you’re at work. You can use our affiliate code ROONEY-20 to receive $20 off your purchase.

For the Playful Pup

PrideBites toys: Rooney LOVES these toys. Here are their highlights in our opinion; they have a squeaker, they are very durable for Rooney, they float which is great for swimming, AND they are machine washable so they stay clean. Deal: Black Friday– Spend $50, Save $15 or spend $150, Save $50, 35% off Site Wide – Friday Nov 24 (Black Friday) to Monday Nov 27 (Cyber Monday Toys: has a whole bunch of toys that are on sale, no code necessary. I highly recommend a KONG if your dog doesn’t already have one. Rooney gets treats in his KONG every time we leave the house which helps him love his crate and not focus on the fact that we are leaving.

What will you be buying your dog this Black Friday?!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate codes for PrideBites and the CleverPet. Additionally, we are Influencers. However, all opinions are my own. My Kid Has Paws also makes an effort to make sure every post is relevant to our readers. 

Happy Thanksgiving! – Rooney’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We hope that today you get a chance to enjoy some time with your family, and give thanks however you can for the good people and things you have in your life. If you are reading this blog, your pets are most likely at the top of your list! I am so thankful for Rooney because he brings us so much joy every single day.

However, one way that we will show Rooney thanks this evening is by giving him a special meal (no table scraps included).

Our favorite dog food company, Petcurean, has released a brand new line of NOW FRESHTM stews and pâtés for dogs and cats.

What can you expect in these recipes?

  • 100% Fresh Wild Salmon, Turkey, or Pork
  • Nutrient rich Turkey Bone Broth
  • Omega 3 & 6 oils from coconuts and canola to promote skin and coat health
  • Flaxseed, an excellent source of dietary fibre and essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Dried kelp, a natural source of iodine, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals
  • Zero Genetically Engineered Ingredients
  • Zero grains, gluten, wheat, beef, chicken, corn, or soy
  • Zero rendered meats, by-products, added growth hormones or artificial preservatives
  • Industry-leading Recyclable and Reclosable Tetra Pak® Cartons

Happy Thanksgiving! - Rooney's Thanksgiving Dinner

What do I love most about these new recipes?

As pet parents, we often want our pets to celebrate with us. Sure, Rooney has no idea what day it is, he doesn’t know that today is a celebration day. Yet, we still want to provide him with a special dinner. Receipes like these stews and pâtés provide pet parents with an opportunity to make their pets feel special, without giving into the temptation of table scraps.

Therefore, Rooney is excited to try stew tonight in addition to his regular dinner so that we can all celebrate this evening!

Why is it so important to avoid table scraps?

Today’s meals will be full of all sorts of good spices, dressings, and fattening foods that we look forward to eating every year. However, because your pet doesn’t regularly consume those dishes, it can result in illness, specifically pancreatitis. When I worked in the veterinary hospital, we called Black Friday, Pancreatitis Friday. Because at least 1/2 of the cases we saw the day after Thanksgiving had pancreatitis because someone fed them table scraps.

Here is a brief overview from PetMD about what Pancreatitis treatment looks like for dogs:

Treatment for pancreatitis is essentially symptomatic and supportive. The goal is to keep the patient comfortable and otherwise healthy while interrupting the inflammation-tissue damage-more inflammation cycle. Most dogs are hospitalized so they can receive fluid therapy, pain relievers, anti-nausea medications, antibiotics, and sometimes plasma transfusions. Once a dog’s condition is stable and he can drink, eat, and take his medications by mouth, he can go home to finish his recuperation.

Therefore, keep your eyes on your family members and make sure no one is sneaking table scraps to your pet this evening!

How will you and your pet be celebrating Thanksgiving?

Disclaimer: I am a blogger advocate for Petcurean. I am compensated for providing my opinion on Petcurean products. However, My Kid Has Paws only provides reviews for products that we feel our audience will enjoy. Additionally, Petcurean is the food we feed Rooney every day.

Happy Halloween with!!! #ChewyInfluencer

This year we celebrated Halloween this past Saturday as part of a fundraiser for Canine Companions for Independence! Rooney had so much fun hanging out with his BFF Wes and other dogs while supporting a great organization that provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities free of charge!

Happy Halloween with!!!

Today, we are celebrating Halloween with! This month has been crazy (you may have noticed the lack of blog posts), so I didn’t get a costume for Rooney until last week. Thankfully, Chewy’s delivery turn around is amazing, and we ordered Rooney’s costume from them along with some Pumpkin Spice Greenies last week, so that Rooney could indulge in a bit of celebration today!

Happy Halloween with!!!

Happy Halloween with!!!

Meanwhile, we will be celebrating at home by catching up on Stranger Things.

Happy Halloween!

Dogs Named After Presidents

I LOVE fun and historical facts about pets! It’s definitely one of my favorite things. So today, I thought I would share with you some awesome Presidential related facts that Petplan pet insurance shared with me, in honor of President’s Day.

1. The Commander-in-Chief with the most pets named after him? Theodore Roosevelt!

Petplan’s inquiry into presidential pet names showed the following leaders inspired the most monikers:

Most Common Presidential Names for Dogs

2. Honorable mention for originality goes to Catvin Coolidge!

3. First Lady names are also common — from Mary Todd Lincoln to Eleanor Roosevelt, pet parents love paying tribute to the women of the White House as well.

Rooney’s namesake is a soccer player, but we did discuss Presidential names when we were naming him.

Do you know any dogs who are named after a President or First Lady?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT want to start a political conversation on this blog. This post is meant to be cute and about pets. Enjoy!

Is Your Dog Your Valentine?

We are already into the second week of February, which means that Valentine’s Day is only a little over a week away! Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to reflect on all the love that you have in your life. My guess is, that if you have a dog in your life, your heart is overjoyed with love 365 days a year!

The good people of and want to celebrate the love that our dogs bring to our lives with the My Dog is my Valentine Giveaway!

What Can You Win?

You can win one 16″ x 16″ hand-painted, custom acrylic portrait of your furbaby from ($250 value) and $250 of personalized doggie products from! A total giveaway value of $500!

How Can You Participate?

Go to to enter now! The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day (Tuesday, February 14th) at 2:30 pm!

Disclaimer: I am a PrideBites PAWtner. This post contains my affiliate links. If you purchase a product via these links and use my discount code, I will receive a commission. My Kid Has Paws only shares information about things we believe our readers will enjoy.