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Wayfair: Dinner & a Movie at Home

Wayfair: Dinner & a Movie at Home

Disclaimer: The folks over at Wayfair were kind enough to sponsor this post. All opinions in the post are mine. 

It’s that time of year! When staying indoors and watching a movie (or Netflix) with your family is just the best way to spend your weekends and weeknights! So today, I want to share with you our Dinner & A Movie essentials for a relaxing evening at home.


As far as this blog is concerned everything we do is for our pets. Therefore, before you decide that you are going to have a nice quiet evening at home with your family, you should make sure that your pet has already met their exercise requirement for the day. At least in our house, there is no way Rooney will be quiet and relaxed for 2 hours unless he has already been on a walk (or two!) that day. Additionally, I find that I am much more relaxed when I have exercised earlier in the day as well.

Blankets & Pillows

I love blankets. I never relax at home without a blanket. If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that Rooney also loves blankets and often tries to steal mine (lol!). If you are preparing for a dinner and movie night at home, you will want to bring some extra blankets and dog beds into the living room so that everyone is cozy. Rooney REALLY loves a Cozy cave, like the one below from Wayfair.

Additionally, I have discovered that Rooney loves faux fur blankets and pillows almost as much as I do. Even if faux fur is not your style, I definitely recommend purchasing some pillows that are soft to add some extra comfort to your movie night!


No movie night is complete without snacks, especially popcorn. Wayfair has this awesome micro-pop popcorn popper that I would love to have at home. Additionally, due to the lack of tables in our bonus room, we need trays for snacks and dinner (which on a movie night is usually Pizza). These marble trays from Wayfair are super cute and would go perfectly in our bonus room.

Of course, we can’t forget about snacks for Rooney. Whenever we are relaxing at home we give him a Benebone. Rooney loves the flavor of Benebones and they help keep his teeth clean!

Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper

Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper


5 Piece TV Tray Set

5 Piece TV Tray Set
Varick Gallery


Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Faux Fur Throw Pillow
House of Hampton


Snuggery Hooded Dog Bed

Snuggery Hooded Dog Bed


Greenburgh Cable Diamond Knit Throw

Greenburgh Cable Diamond Knit Throw
Alcott Hill















What are your essentials for a Dinner & a Movie night?

Battling Dry, Itchy Winter Skin: Isle of Dogs

I have always preferred the winter months to the summer. Most likely because my birthday is in the winter and I absolutely love Christmas time. But one of the downfalls of winter is dry skin. Dry skin brought on by winter conditions is not something that is unique to humans. Pets too can suffer from dry, itchy skin in the winter. If you have never suffered from dry itchy skin, consider yourself a very lucky person. Not only can dry, itchy skin be uncomfortable, but it can also cause your pet to scratch excessively, which can damage their skin. Because this problem affects many pets and people during the winter time, I want to introduce to you a new product from Isle of Dogs which was created to battle this exact problem.

Caring for Winter Skin

To properly care for your pet’s skin, veterinarians recommend the following:

  • Avoid over-bathing: bathing your dog too often can reduce the natural oil production on the skin and can lead to chemical irritation
  • Use a soft brush: brushing your dog’s skin can help remove the dead skin buildup, remove loose fur, and stimulate the hair follicles and natural oils on the skin.
  • Consider changing your dog’s food: If your dog has suffered through winters in the past, you might consider switching to a food with more omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids. We feed Rooney Petcurean’s GO! Sensitivity + Shine Duck Recipe which has Omega oils to promote a healthy skin and coat. If you are considering changing your dog’s food or adding supplements, please consult with your veterinarian so that you can make the best choice for your pet.
  • Consider a humidifier or fan: if you are able to increase air circulation in your home, you can prevent allergens from building up on the carpet.

Does your pet have Dry, Itchy Winter Skin? Isle of Dogs can help!

How Isle of Dogs Can Help

Isle of Dogs CocoClean Shampoo and Odor Neutralizing Brush Spray were designed with coconut oil due to the many benefits this natural ingredient can provide:

  • promotes a healthy and soft coat
  • relieves dry, itchy, flaky and irritated skin
  • strengthens hair and reduces protein loss
  • can improve the health of the protective skin barrier
  • natural deodorizer

Not only does the coconut oil counteract the symptoms typically associated with winter skin, but the Brush Spray can also help you reduce the number of baths you typically give your dog by keeping them fresh between baths. Additionally, the spray is only effective if you brush your dog, which improves the dry, itchy winter skin.

What Do I Like About Isle of Dogs

  • The Brush Spray: Rooney loves to jump in mud and any available puddle which doesn’t leave him smelling great. The brush spray provides me with an opportunity to keep Rooney smelling good without overbathing him.
  • Paraben free: I have made an effort to remove parabens from my soaps and shampoos this past year because I suffer from a lot of skin issues. It makes me feel good to be able to provide Rooney with the same quality of ingredients.
  • The fragrance: Rooney currently smells very good. I even used the brush spray after a trip to the bay and Rooney smelled good despite having salt water on his coat!
  • Shampoo & Conditioner combined: I love that the shampoo and conditioner are combined into one product. While Rooney actually doesn’t mind a bath, it’s always nice to make bath time as quick and efficient as possible. For those who have pets who don’t like baths, this is an additional bonus.

Your Turn!

Isle of Dogs was generous enough to allow us to host a giveaway! Tell us why you think Isle of Dogs CocoClean is perfect for your dog in the comments below and submit additional entries to win a bottle of Isle of Dogs CocoClean Shampoo and Odor Neutralizing Brush Spray.

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Does your dog suffer from dry, itchy winter skin? What has helped your dog’s skin?

Disclaimer: I am a Petcurean Blogger Advocate. I am provided with compensation for my opinion on Petcurean products, however, Petcurean is the food we feed Rooney every day. Additionally, I was provided with Isle of Dogs CocoClean products in order to provide my opinion. However, My Kid Has Paws only shares reviews we believe benefit our readers.

SPIKE Treats Stocking Stuffers with Petcurean

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Hanukkah everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and using this weekend to spend time with those who are most important to you. Of course, that includes our pets! My goal over the holiday is to take Rooney on some new hiking trails and outings. Therefore, I thought the perfect stocking stuffer for Rooney would be some more Petcurean SPIKE treats. We first tried these treats in January of this year and they are what I like to call, high-value treats. Rooney loves these! Which is why I like to have them for our outdoor activities, in the event that Rooney needs to be distracted from a cow on the trail or another dog who is off-leash.

SPIKE Treats Stocking Stuffers with Petcurean

The best part about these treats is that I know I am providing Rooney with excellent nutrition. Because SPIKE treats contain:

  • premium quality meat proteins
  • anti-oxidants and superfoods like chia
  • pomegranate and kale
  • only all natural ingredients
  • zero by-products added
  • no added growth hormones
  • no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

As many of you know Petcurean is the food that Rooney eats every day. I believe in their company’s promise to provide our pets with only the best treats and food available. If you want to purchase some SPIKE treats for your pet, you can buy them online at So far, we have tried the Venison, Catfish, and Duck and Rooney loves them all!

Let us know in the comments below: What flavor of Petcurean SPIKE treats would your pet want in their stocking?

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

Disclaimer: I am both a and Petcurean blogger. I was provided with treats so that Rooney and I could provide our honest opinion. However, My Kid Has Paws only shares reviews we believe benefit our readers. Additionally, Petcurean is the food we feed Rooney every day. 

Traveling in Style & Comfort with SolvIt

Many people will be traveling to see their families this holiday season and what better way to travel than with style and comfort for your pet? Therefore, I would like to introduce you to Solvit’s Car Cuddler.

When traveling to see your family, you might be in for a very long drive. For example, some of my friends and co-workers will be driving for 20+ hours to see their families this holiday season. What you don’t want to do on a road trip is sacrifice your dog’s comfort or safety. Especially when you take into consideration that comfort becomes increasingly important if your dog suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

In the past, I have used a few different car covers, but I have always had a hard time finding something that protects our car seats, works with Rooney’s seatbelt, and doesn’t sacrifice Rooney’s comfort. Solvit’s Car Cuddler definitely combines style and comfort with utility. The center of the car cover is faux sheepskin, so it is soft and cozy for Rooney. Plus, the side bolsters mimic the feel of a dog bed which keeps Rooney comfortable in his seat and prevents him from running around the back seat as far as his seatbelt allows.

Traveling in Style & Comfort with SolvIt

Not to mention, this cover is the perfect size for a Corgi; not too big, but is big enough for their long body. (They even use a Corgi in the promo photo!) And, it works well with our sedan! (Most of the covers we have used in the past fit well with our old SUV, but not our sedan.)

Are you planning any road trips for the new year? Could you use a new car seat cover of your own?

If your answer is yes, then you will be happy to know that Solvit was nice enough to let us host a giveaway! Good luck!

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Let Us All GATHER With Gratitude

As many of us gathered around the table together this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving, many of us shared what we are most grateful for in our lives. A theme throughout the holiday season for many is the feeling and practice of gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. It can change our perspective, open our hearts and minds, and ground us in our reality. But it is a practice. We often don’t wake up feeling grateful. It takes practice and diligence to remind yourself that gratitude is imperative to the improvement of our mental and physical health. Without gratitude, we could lose out on the many joys of life. That being said, I find it easier to feel gratitude when you have a dog in your life.

When I look at Rooney, my heart fills with joy and I always feel so grateful to be in his life. While our dogs remind us that we have them to feel grateful for, they also remind us how to express gratitude. Dogs look at us and thank us for every meal, for every treat, for every walk, for walking in the door, for waking up in the morning, for being home, and the list goes on. When Rooney looks at me and his eyes say “thank you”, I remember that gratitude is not only about a feeling, but also about an expression.

So I asked myself, how do I show Rooney that I am grateful for him. Here are some of the ways I do my very best to give Rooney gratitude and ways you can show your dog you are grateful too:

  • Pets: just the simple act of petting Rooney expresses love and gratitude that he is in my life. I pet Rooney first thing every morning when I get up and I pet him right before I go to bed every night. I never want to start, or end, a day without him knowing that I love him, and I am so grateful he is there.
  • Walks: giving your pet daily exercise is a great way to show them your gratitude. They need the exercise and the stimulation in order to live an enriched life.
  • Shelter: of course Rooney is always inside at our house, however, bringing them inside isn’t the end of the story. As pet parents, we have the opportunity to provide our pets with the best shelter possible. Meaning, we not only invite them inside but provide them with their very own space and the best bedding for their needs.
  • Time: giving of your time is a great way to show gratitude. In addition to providing your pet with the proper exercise and training, you can just simply be there, when they are there. Sit with them, read with them, be home with them.
  • Training: training shows your pet gratitude by providing them with treats and food incentives, in addition to providing a necessary level of mental stimulation that every dog needs.
  • Food: Providing your pet with high-quality food is a wonderful way to show your pet your gratitude. For us, that means feeding Rooney Petcurean. Petcurean is a wonderful family owned company that has always focused on high-quality ingredients for their pet food. Just recently, they have made efforts to improve upon their recipes with their new line of food, GATHER.


Petcurean is an excellent food source that we have fed to Rooney for over a year. He absolutely loves the flavors, and I know I am providing him with a balanced high-quality food that was designed by veterinary and pet food specialists. But what makes GATHER different from other Petcurean recipes? This time, their focus was on creating the same great product while improving sources and sustainability.

“GATHER is a new pet food line crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients.

Petcurean went through the trouble of finding the farmers, growers, and fisherman that met strict sustainability practices. Their sustainability standards can be summarized in 5 requirements:

  • Following humane animal welfare practices
  • Protecting water supplies and limiting water use
  • Protecting farmer, rancher and producer livelihoods
  • Ensuring the preservation of natural resources
  • Actively working to preserve biodiversity

Petcurean’s efforts in sustainability don’t stop at the food and food sources. The company also wanted to make sure that they were reducing waste by switching to a 30% bio-based plastic bag. GATHER allows us to know that we are providing Rooney with healthy food to show him our gratitude and we can show the earth our gratitude as well!

Tell me, what is your favorite way to show your pet gratitude? Does GATHER sound like a pet food that would be good for your pet?

Disclaimer: I am a blogger advocate for Petcurean. I am compensated for providing my opinion on Petcurean products. However, My Kid Has Paws only provides reviews for products that we feel our audience will enjoy. Additionally, Petcurean is the food we feed Rooney every day.