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Trupanion Summer Safety Series: Beach Safety for Pets

The summer can be a fun and exciting time, but summer activities can bring new surprises for your pet. Therefore, today launches our Summer Safety Series with Trupanion! In this series we will cover Beach Safety, Pool Safety, Car & Travel Safety and Summer Activity Safety. 

A few years ago, my husband and I took Rooney to the beach in Pacifica. It was a beautiful day and the weather was a welcomed retreat from the typical August summer heat. As we were walking with Rooney, enjoying the sand and taking in the waves, I kept my eyes on the birds in the distance waiting for Rooney to notice (and chase) them. Additionally, I was trying to be vigilant not to let Rooney anywhere near the numerous jellyfish that paint the Northern California beaches. Despite the dangers that lurk at the beach, the beautiful views and the built-in doggy exercise make it an excellent location to frequent during the summer months. Which is why I want to kick off our Trupanion Summer Safety Series discussing Beach Safety!

Trupanion Summer Safety Series: Beach Safety for Pets

Last year, we discussed 5 Surprising Beach Dangers, but this year, I wanted to get some additional input from Dr. Sarah Nold, DVM & the Trupanion team:

1) What are your top safety tips for pet parents who frequent the beach in the summer?

Make sure you rinse off your pet with fresh water after going to the beach, to minimize irritation of their skin.  Try to avoid areas of the beach that attract sand fleas. Beaches that are open to pets often also can put you and your pet at risk for acquiring intestinal parasites, such as hookworms. For this reason, pet owners should wear foot protection (shoes or sandals) and their pet should be regularly dewormed. Make sure your pet is always supervised, as many things that wash up on the beach should not be ingested.

Due to our beach experience described above, I usually keep Rooney on a leash at the beach, especially if there are no dogs to play with (that leaves more time for Rooney to look for mischief). Rinsing off your pet after they play at the beach is a great idea that I haven’t considered in the past. Since Rooney has sensitive skin and allergies, I will be sure to rinse Rooney off on future beach trips.

2) At Trupanion what kinds of claims are commonly associated with trips to the beach?

Dehydration and heat stroke can be associated with trips to the beach, especially if your pet tries to drink the salty water. Trupanion has also seen some beach-specific claims, such as sunburns and burnt paws from the hot sand.

The data definitely speaks for itself here. Be sure to keep your pet hydrated and give them an opportunity and area to cool off. The best item that helps me keep Rooney hydrated during outings is the Gulpy.


Trupanion Summer Safety Series: Beach Safety for Pets

In addition to the amazing tips from Dr. Nold, here are a few additional reasons to keep your dog on leash at the beach:

Watch Out for the Seashells

Trupanion has seen several claims associated with injuries sustained while running along the beach. Beach related injuries include, cuts on the paw pads from seashells, and sprains and ligament tears from running on uneven sand.


In addition to the obvious threats from jellyfish, Trupanion has seen claims where pets have had run-ins with otters and birds. So, keep your eyes out for the wildlife!

Lastly, make sure your pet is ready for the beach…

If you aren’t visiting the beach often, your pet might be completely overwhelmed when you arrive at the beach. Ideally, you would visit the beach for the first time on a less-crowded day of the week possibly early in the morning so that your dog can get used to their surroundings. Additionally, make sure your dog knows some basic commands and is socialized before visiting a more popular beach. They should be able to greet strangers, new dogs, and most importantly know the command “leave it”.

Will your pet be visiting the beach this summer? Stay tuned for some Pool Safety Tips next Thursday!

The summer can be a fun and exciting time, but summer activities can bring new surprises for your pet. Therefore, today launches our Summer Safety Series with Trupanion! In this series we will cover Beach Safety, Pool Safety, Car & Travel Safety and Summer Activity Safety. 

P.S. I know Rooney is off-leash in the first photo but that was specifically for the photoshoot. We were the only people on the beach and I had a lot of treats in my pocket. 🙂 I almost always keep Rooney on a leash at the beach. Photo Credit: Pawpawrazzi Pet Photography

Summer Time Travel and Activities with Petcurean

Now that it’s officially summer, we will spend the next few weeks discussing summer travel tips, safety tips, activities and recipes that are perfect for spending time with the pets in your life!

Therefore, today we partnered with Petcurean to share with you some dog-friendly summer trips and activities!

In their post, “Summer Vacations Can Include the Family Pet”, Petcurean highlighted a few of their favorite summer activities.


Camping was the first activity to make the summer vacations list for Petcurean! This is what they had to say:

“There are thousands of campgrounds across the US and Canada and most of them welcome your well behaved leashed pet. Dogs love the adventure of investigating all the smells that abound in the natural world, but please be careful to respect the rules and don’t let your dog disturb sensitive areas like salmon spawning streams or delicate native vegetation.”

I would add that pet parents should take extra precautions when it comes to protecting their pets from wildlife. In California, we have to be vigilant about protecting our campgrounds from bears (I’ve seen one in person!) and mountain lions. Additionally, with small dogs, pet parents need to be aware of the large birds in the area that can pick up their dog. The best thing you can do on a camping trip is keep your dog on leash.

Road Trip Activities

Last year we took a dog-friendly Southwest road trip with Rooney and it was so much fun! Petcurean suggests looking up off-leash dog parks along your route, so that your dog has pre-planned locations to stretch their legs on a road trip. I totally agree. Sometimes its difficult even for me to sit in the car for long periods of time without feeling antsy, so planned breaks for dogs are super important. While we didn’t have any dog parks scheduled along our route for the Southwest road trip, we did designate stops for dog beaches along the way.

Hotels and Resorts

Just because your trip isn’t pet-focused, it doesn’t mean that your dog can’t be a part of the family vacation. This is what Petcurean had to say:

“More and more hotels and resorts are catering to pet owners. Some even offer extras like beds, blankets and treats. Be prepared to pay a nightly pet fee which will differ from place to place, and be careful to leave your room tidy and as hair-free as possible. If your pet is a bed dweller, bring along a clean old extra sheet or blanket and put it on top of the bed to protect it from excess hair and possible muddy or wet pawprints, (or drool!).”

Additionally, some hotels, like Red Roof Inn have a policy that pets stay for free!

Vacation Rentals & Airbnb

These days with Airbnb, pet parents are able to look for pet-friendly alternatives for their upcoming vacations and don’t have to settle for non-pet-friendly rentals. You can now rent chic pet-friendly homes for your next vacation!

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As far as pet-friendly activities go, pet parents have a long list from which to choose from, including:


Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do with Rooney. If you aren’t sure what to bring, check out our post where we talk about everything you need for a day on the hill with your dog.


I have been talking about this for 2 years and I think this is the summer we will go kayaking with Rooney!

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will really appreciate this activity. While I have SUP’d on my own, I have not had a chance to take Rooney with me. However, if you want to learn more about SUP-ing with your dog, I highly recommend checking out Leash Your Fitness.

Yappy Hours

I don’t know about you, but Yappy Hours with dogs are becoming increasing popular in this area, which is awesome! These activities are a great way to enjoy the cooler evening hours with your dog and a few friends. If your dog is high energy like Rooney, I highly recommend walking them to the location, or taking them to a dog park first so that they don’t feel too energized in the restaurant.

Winery and Brewery Visits

In addition to Yappy Hours, dog-friendly wineries and breweries are also becoming more popular. If you are on the west coast and looking for dog-friendly wineries or breweries, I highly recommend DogTrekker as a resource. Also, I know this might seem random because I live in California, but if you live in Minnesota, check out Sidewalk Dog! Sidewalk dog is a great local resource for dog-friendly locations and activities.

Pool Parties

Lots of doggie Meetup groups and communities organize pool parties in the summer to provide pets with an opportunity to swim and cool off. Rooney is a big fan of any activity involving swimming!

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So, that’s our list! What pet-friendly summer trips or activities do you look forward to? Have you stayed in a pet-friendly Airbnb? Or have you taken your dog on a road trip? Tell us about it and enter our giveaway!

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Red Roof Inn – The Perfect Place for a Pet-Friendly Vacation #PetsStayFree

Disclaimer: We were provided with a free hotel stay in exchange for our honest opinion about Red Roof Inn. Additionally, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, My Kid Has Paws doesn’t share anything we don’t believe our readers will enjoy. 

Whether you are driving across the country or planning a staycation with friends or family, Red Roof Inn is an excellent place to bring your pet for the night!

Remember last year when we took a road trip through the Southwest? It would have been great to know that Red Roof Inn is pet-friendly and #PetsStayFree no matter what location you visit!

Red Roof Inn - The Perfect Place for a Pet-Friendly Vacation #PetsStayFree

We had a chance to visit the Red Roof Inn San Francisco Airport for a little staycation with my friend right before a really big week at work! And Rooney felt right at home!

In case anyone wants to visit the Bay Area with their pet, I thought I would share with you a bit about our staycation.

Since the Red Roof Inn San Francisco Airport is just a short distance (20 minutes) from downtown San Francisco, which is very pet-friendly, we spent a lot of the afternoon there. First, we started the day with a quick walk through Dolores Park in San Francisco, where we saw a few other Corgis (so rare!).

Then we walked down to an awesome pet-friendly restaurant (they even had dog water bowls outside) called Duboce Park Cafe on Sanchez St. We ordered the Margherita Pizza and the House Special Salad which was delightful!

Red Roof Inn - The Perfect Place for a Pet-Friendly Vacation #PetsStayFree

Then, we stopped by Wholefoods on Dolores to pick up a few snacks for the evening (popcorn and dessert).

Clean, Comfy Rooms from $49.99 at Select Locations

We then went back to the hotel and enjoyed a movie and popcorn in a wonderfully air conditioned room on an abnormally hot day in San Francisco, which was very important for Rooney. In fact, there was a small chair that we put in the front of the AC that Rooney fell in love with!

Red Roof Inn - The Perfect Place for a Pet-Friendly Vacation #PetsStayFree

Cooling off in front of the AC

After enjoying an excellent night’s sleep, we woke up and made Seattle’s Best Coffee in the hotel room before taking Rooney for a breathtaking walk along the San Francisco Bay.

Red Roof Inn - The Perfect Place for a Pet-Friendly Vacation #PetsStayFree

Overall Stay

1) Check-in and check-out was seamless and quick.

2) The hotel room was clean and well-stocked.

3) The room didn’t smell like smoke. Some pet-friendly hotels lump pet-friendly rooms with the smoking rooms, and that makes my allergies go crazy! So, I was very thankful that we didn’t have to share our space with the “smoking space”.

4) The location was beautiful and primely located.

When I am looking for a pet-friendly hotel, my minimum requirements are clean rooms and good coffee, which Red Roof Inn met both! Additionally, Rooney was able to stay free at the hotel!

What do you look for when searching for a pet-friendly hotel?

I highly recommend Red Roof Inn for your next pet-friendly hotel stay!

Clean, Comfy Rooms from $49.99 at Select Locations

Traveling in Style & Comfort with SolvIt

Many people will be traveling to see their families this holiday season and what better way to travel than with style and comfort for your pet? Therefore, I would like to introduce you to Solvit’s Car Cuddler.

When traveling to see your family, you might be in for a very long drive. For example, some of my friends and co-workers will be driving for 20+ hours to see their families this holiday season. What you don’t want to do on a road trip is sacrifice your dog’s comfort or safety. Especially when you take into consideration that comfort becomes increasingly important if your dog suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

In the past, I have used a few different car covers, but I have always had a hard time finding something that protects our car seats, works with Rooney’s seatbelt, and doesn’t sacrifice Rooney’s comfort. Solvit’s Car Cuddler definitely combines style and comfort with utility. The center of the car cover is faux sheepskin, so it is soft and cozy for Rooney. Plus, the side bolsters mimic the feel of a dog bed which keeps Rooney comfortable in his seat and prevents him from running around the back seat as far as his seatbelt allows.

Traveling in Style & Comfort with SolvIt

Not to mention, this cover is the perfect size for a Corgi; not too big, but is big enough for their long body. (They even use a Corgi in the promo photo!) And, it works well with our sedan! (Most of the covers we have used in the past fit well with our old SUV, but not our sedan.)

Are you planning any road trips for the new year? Could you use a new car seat cover of your own?

If your answer is yes, then you will be happy to know that Solvit was nice enough to let us host a giveaway! Good luck!

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Dog-Friendly Southwest Road Trip

As I mentioned last week, we took a vacation recently as a family, and it was so much fun!

Rooney, my husband and myself were so lucky to take a week-long road trip through the Southwest!

Roadtrip Summary:

The Southwest road trip started out visiting Paso Robles and Orange County, and then stopped in Prescott, Arizona and finally landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico to enjoy a beautiful stay at the Hotel Andaluz.

Activities with Rooney:

We certainly took Rooney for a record number of walks in one week, and we had a lot of pit stops where we enjoyed some playtime, but these were the main highlight activities of the trip.

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Barbara: This beach was a strategic stop on our drive through California. Rooney loves the beach and I wanted him to be able to put his paws in the sand and the ocean at least once on our trip. He had lots of fun!

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona: A beautiful mostly flat trail where your dog can enjoy some on-leash exercise. Rooney even enjoyed a little swimming, although he wasn’t supposed to. (I have a water dog disguised as a Corgi). Also, as an added bonus, parking is free on Wednesdays, which just so happened to be the day we were there.

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Petroglyph National Monument: A beautiful quiet trail where you can enjoy some culture and history. I highly recommend going early in the morning during summer months to avoid the heat and potential rattlesnake sightings.

Roadtrip Essentials for Rooney:

Crate: Rooney loves his crate and that made traveling so easy. In the car, we wanted him to be crated not only for his comfort but also for his safety. Not to mention, we would bring his crate into the respective hotels and Rooney would immediate know he had a safe place to lie down and relax that was familiar. I think this helped him adjust to the daily changes on our road trip swiftly.

Water: This may seem like a no-brainer, but the best thing we purchased before leaving on our road trip was a case of waters from Target. This saved us from having to buy water bottles for ourselves and Rooney and allowed us to keep Rooney hydrated throughout the trip. I felt that this was particularly important in the desert. I don’t know about you, but when I visit the desert, I immediately become dehydrated. Traveling for long hours in the car didn’t help either since you don’t want to have to stop and use the restroom every hour. Therefore, I provided Rooney with extra hydration by putting water on his food every meal and keeping water out and available constantly while we were in the hotel.

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Additionally, while we were on the road, I brought my favorite item of all; the Gulpy. The Gulpy is hands down my favorite way to bring water anywhere for Rooney. It is easy to refill and because it reduces spilling water, I can provide Rooney with water while we were driving, hiking, and walking on the beach.

Towels & Blankets: I kept a towel in the car specifically for dirt, mud, and sand. Rooney loves to be messy, so I wanted to be prepared to protect the car where necessary. We, of course, had blankets in Rooney’s crate at all times, but we also had an extra one to cover his crate in the hotel room to provide him with a little more peace and quiet. This came in handy particularly in Laguna as we were in a room right next to the big heavy exit door.

Earth Rated Poop Bags: Simply because picking up after your dog is always important, especially when companies go out of their way to welcome your dog, it is your basic duty to pick up after them.

Wag N’ Go: The Wag N’ Go is an amazing product designed by the founder of Wag the Dog UK. After visiting their website, it seems as though they are out of stock for now. However, I would definitely sign up for their newsletter because this product is so amazing. In one lightweight bag that fits easily across my body, I was able to carry; 10 days worth of food and treats, poop bags, toys, and a blanket for Rooney. For my initial Wag N’ Go review, please visit here, and for a video review visit here.

Best Roadtrip Tools: When we were looking for activities to do with Rooney, we used to make sure outdoor places were pet-friendly and to get a sense of the best time of day we should visit. This info came in handy particularly in New Mexico when we visited the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque.

There weren’t a lot of reviews, but we did see that someone recommended bringing lots of water and a hat since it gets hot. Due to that recommendation, we decided to take that trip first thing in the morning to avoid the heat, and that turned out to be the best idea! While it was only 78 degrees in the park while we were there, being at a high elevation definitely made it feel hotter than high 70’s at home. We were also sure to bring two water bottles for Rooney which he gladly finished during the 2.5-mile walk.

We also used to find pet-friendly hotels for our stay in Laguna Hills, California and Prescott, Arizona. Not only were the websites descriptions and pet fee information crucial to making our decisions, but the reviews were very helpful for setting expectations for our stay.


My husband and I were both up for finding new foods to try on our trip, so I used TripAdvisor to locate some excellent restaurants in both Arizona and New Mexico. Rooney gets restless at restaurants due to the amount of food he can’t have and the number of people who simply aren’t’ petting him, and so we opted to leave him to rest at the hotel during dinner time. Therefore, the following restaurant recommendations are more focused on food than dog-friendliness.


Restaurants in Prescott, AZ:

Papa’s Italian Restaurant: I had the best Chicken Alfredo I have ever had in my life! And the owner brought out a sample of the house minestrone soup for us to try and it was delicious!

El Gato Azul: We happened to visit this restaurant during happy hour and that gave us a chance to try a few items from the menu without going over budget. My husband had the Green Chili Mac & Cheese which he really enjoyed and I had the Baked Brie Nachos Tapas.

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Restaurants in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Monroe’s Restuarant: This restaurant was a unique mix of Mexican and American food. However, all of it was good and the service was excellent!

Anatolia Doner Kabab House: On the last night of our stay, we were looking for something different to eat, so we decided to try a Turkish restaurant located near our hotel. We both really liked the Feta Cheese Rolls and the Bak-love-ah they had on their menu.

Hotel Stays:

Orange County Hotel: The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hills, CA. This hotel was very nice and clean. The best thing about this hotel is that there is a nearby neighborhood just up the hill that has a large park where we could take Rooney to stretch his legs and get some exercise.

Prescott, Arizona Hotel: La Quinta Inn & Suites. This hotel was very clean and the staff was friendly. We saw a few other dogs there as well. Most importantly, they had a lot of grass on the property, which was very helpful for potty breaks.

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Southwest Road Trip with Your Dog

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Hotel Andaluz: We won this stay and it was amazing! The talented blogger and good friend Carol Bryant, of, hosted the giveaway for a two-night stay for two people and their dog at the gorgeous Hotel Andaluz! (That’s right, if you haven’t already signed up to be on her mailing list, please do yourself a favor so that you don’t miss any more of her amazing giveaways!). This hotel was simply gorgeous! The lobby is full of Southwestern aesthetics and ornate fixtures. The rooms are clean and contain the perfect amount of flare to remind you that you are staying in the Southwest, not to mention a beautiful couch for Rooney to rest his head. Located in Downtown Albuquerque, the Hotel Andaluz is home to an active night-life based in culture and music. Beautiful and elegant hotels like this one aren’t often pet-friendly, but this one is! Rooney was welcomed and greeted and proved to be quite popular with during our walks in Albuquerque.

I want to thank Carol again for hosting an amazing giveaway!

Now it’s your turn to share. Have you ever traveled the Southwest? What places do you recommend?